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This Privacy Disclaimer covers the following topics:


1. Contact information controller

2. Privacy Policy

3. Processing of personal data

4. The use of cookies

5. Rights and complaints 


1. Contact information controller

Cheers Belgium ! SPRL (« Cheers ! » of « »), Thierry Magerman - Chaussée de Roodebeek 521 - 1200 Brussels, RPM Bruxelles VAT: BE 0540 743 722 - - +32475728447, is responsible for collecting personal data. 


2. Privacy Policy

CHEERS BELGIUM! SPRL respects the privacy of its’ clients, the users of the website and those who are signed up for the mailing. 

CHEERS BELGIUM! SPRL is responsible for collecting your personal data and committed to protecting your personal information and has taken the necessary security measurements.


3. Processing personal data

In the context of an order, a question through the webform, a service provided by phone or the mailing, CHEERS BELGIUM! SPRL will process your personal data. 

CHEERS BELGIUM! SPRL collects personal data for its mailing list through consent. 

CHEERS BELGIUM! SPRL processes personal data for commercial purposes and providing services. CHEERS BELGIUM! SPRL uses this data for administrative purposes, billing and direct marketing. 

Personal data of the customer is kept for 3 years after the latest order. 

The type of data that is being processed can be classified as personal identification data.

CHEERS BELGIUM! SPRL will not communicate personal data of its customers to third parties and it will not process the personal data outside the EEA.



4. Use of cookies

During a visit on the site of CHEERS BELGIUM! SPRL ( cookies can be stored on your hard disk. A cookie is a small file that the server sends to your web browser and which afterwards is stored on your computer. The cookie keeps track of your visit to the site, and when you revisit the website, it will make a record of this. This is done in order to optimize the use of your reoccurring visits to the site.

They are not used for other purposes, except for Google Analytics.

You can configure your browser so that these cookies are not stored on your hard drive. 


5. Your rights within the GDPR

The Data Subject whose data is being processed by CHEERS BELGIUM! SPRL can at any given time contact CHEERS BELGIUM! SPRL and call on his rights that are included in the GDPR and Belgian legislation. You can contact for further information.


You may contact the Belgian Privacy Authority if there are any complaints concerning the way your personal data is being processed (, but we do ask you to simultaneously contact us to solve this problem together.